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Hey this is Cris! As you might’ve noticed, this is my personal travel blog. I’ve always loved travelling and all my life i’ve always dreamed of driving a car that will take me to the places I want to go. This dream came true when I bought my own Mitsubishi FTO several years back.

This car is my dream car and I’m having the most fun driving to different countries using it. You might wonder why I chose the FTO, a sports car, rather than a truck, van, or cruiser? Well, aside from that fact that I’ve dreamed of owning my own FTO for the longest time, it’s actually a joy to own.

Since it’s a sports car, it obviously is speedy, but, the thing that makes it a joy to drive is it’s superb handling. When you travel by car, you’d get those long-winding roads and the FTO can handle it cleanly. And as you continue to ride, the car gets more comfortable at higher speeds.

The comfortable drive and speed really got me hooked on taking this car anywhere. We’ve been companions ever since I started this mini journey of mine. We’ve both seen mountains, sunrises, and sunsets at the beach together and we’ve documented it all in this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it! Stay tuned for updates regarding our latest adventure!

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