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Car Rental In Langkawi

Among the many attractions that draw tourists to Malaysia’s West Coast, Langkawi is persistently popular. Conveniently located for exploring the area’s many islands, Langkawi is also an excellent jumping-off point for jungle adventures. Despite its many strong points, Langkawi isn’t quite ideal for foreign visitors. Travel around the region can be difficult if you intend to rely on public transportation, for example.

This is why the majority of smart tourists rent a car to see the sights around Langkawi. It’s far and away the most popular transportation choice for extended stays. If you’re considering a Langkawi auto rental yourself, here are the key points to keep in mind:


There are many factors that can affect the cost of renting a car in Langkawi, but the primary ones to worry about are the size of the vehicle and the time of the year. In prime tourist season, low-end cars or compact models rent for roughly $40, sedans and intermediate cars go for $60-$80, and vehicles suitable for group transport (e.g. minivans) cost anywhere from $90 to $150. These rates typically go down during the off-season part of the year, which runs from December through February. The region typically goes through an extended rainy season at this time, which drives many tourists away. Those who do come enjoy much-reduced prices on many services, including car rentals.

Renting At Langkawi Airport

Langkawi’s airport serves as the core hub for vehicle rentals in the region. Pick-up and drop-off services are provided by most rental companies through their convenient airport offices, and many of the local providers will (for a fee) pick you up immediately when you fly in.

Langkawi is home to branches of many of Malaysia’s larger rental chains. This means you can easily rent a car in Kuala Lumpur or Penang if these are your points of entry and then drive to Langkawi. Prices at the nationwide chains are generally similar throughout the country.

Car Rental Tips

1) Use the Internet to do your homework. Remember to check the features offered by different rental companies as well as their pricing. This will allow you to make a smarter choice between your options.

2) Take the time to review your rental company’s policies regarding insurance and safety prior to your arrival. With most rental agreements, you’ll be covered by a roadside assistance program, special rates for long-distance driving, and a waiver covering theft and damage.

3) Many of the rental companies operating in Langkawi now offer online booking. You should strongly consider this option as it will get you on the road faster once you arrive at the airport.

4) Because of Langkawi’s tropical climate, air conditioning is extremely important. Verify that your car is equipped with AC and confirm that it functions before you leave the rental company.


A trip to Langkawi is a lot more enjoyable when you take charge of your own transport with a rental car. It’s an easy area to navigate, with most of the tourist attractions connected directly to the main highway that circles the island. Familiarize yourself with the local rules of the road and follow posted directions and you’ll have no trouble transporting yourself wherever you want to go!